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Animal boarding

Animal boarding in Northamptonshire

Guinea pig cage

At Cloverlea we look after Bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters and Gerbils

Guinea pigs and bunnies can be housed outside in one of our own hutches with grass runs or you are welcome to bring their own home where they will be in a designated area within the cattery building.
Fresh vegetables and pellets are available for each meal to their own requirements.
Cuddles, nail cutting if required and grass runs are available daily.

We thoroughly enjoy looking after our small furries so please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your individual requirements.
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Animal boarding services by Cloverlea Cattery in Northamptonshire.
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Small animal boarding charges are:

  • Bunnies/Guinea pigs
£5.00 per day for one
£6.00 per day for bonded pair sharing
£7.00 per day for 3 sharing
  • Hamsters/Birds
£2.00 per day per home

Bunnies will need to be vaccinated up to date before coming in.

For more information contact us today.
Animal boarding
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